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To our BRAND NEW hire page.

We are super excited to announce that we will be hiring a select range of clothing from our store.
This is currently a trial so there will be limited sizes and styles available for hire.

Item is posted the same business day if ordered before 11am.
Items ordered after 11am will be posted the following business day.

Once Received:
You will have 7 working days from the date the item arrives to send it back.
Leave the items unwashed. If you think they will need a clean before being sent back you are welcome to do so but be sure to wash them by hand in cold water.

You will receive a canvas bag and a pre paid postage bag. Please place your dirty items into the canvas bag before placing them inside the pre paid postage bag and then take them into your nearest post office.

There will be a bond paid for each item. The amount of bond will be different for every individual item and specified on the items page.
Bond will be kept if the item is not returned within the expected time frame (without exceptional reason, we understand things happen!) or the item is returned damaged. 
If the damage is only minor the bond will be partially returned. 

 - If there is something else on the website you love and wish to hire, send an email to and we may be able to help you out!

The hire section is available for AUSTRALIAN customers only at this time.
If you place an order and you are not within Australia it will be cancelled.

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